Hi there! I'm Josh!



I've been a working photographer my entire adult life. My first job was for the Malden Evening News starting in 2005 when I photographed my own senior prom... on film! Photojournalism is where my roots are but I have experience with live music, products/food/advertising, and portraiture. Wedding photography started for me in 2009 and since then I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of couples and families all over New England.



Husband to my amazing wife Johanna and "daddy" to 3 beautiful daughters Malia, Aria, and Tatum. Outside of work and family I have 3 passions. The first is Basketball, both playing and coaching. I've been borderline obsessed with the sport since I was 9. The second is snowboarding. There are few greater feelings in this world than gliding down a snow covered mountain witnessing the beautiful landscapes around me. The last of my 3 passions is drums. Starting with the marching band in elementary school this passion has persisted and I've been playing in bands for the last 15 years. .. Did I mention coffee? It's a love/need relationship..

Long story short.. I love being in the moment. ats why I love photographing weddings.



Photo courtesy of my good friend Eric Pearson.


You can also check out my photographic book: The Day Boston Stood Still



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