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Created 22-Jul-13
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Central America feels like home to me, When I'm there it feels right. The lifestyle, the food, the people, conversation, culture etc... When i'm not there, i am wanting to go back. This was a pretty action packed trip for me. I spent time in the beautiful city of Antigua during the Semana Santa (holy week). I visited a Mayan village and met and followed around one of the main midwives who sees through all of the pregnancies and births that take place in the village. This village was full of kids who had nothing but smiles on their faces all day everyday, even though (on our terms) they have "nothing". The people of this village do not speak spanish, they actually speak their ancient Mayan dialect that has been passed through the generations for thousands of years. Also on this trip I spent a day in a trash dump where families spend their days cycling through all of the garbage in hopes of finding bottles, cans, metals, or any thing still usable enough that could improve their life or make them some money. One of my last nights in Guatemala was spent with the "Bomberos" they are basically Guatemala Cities first responders, averaging a murder a day, Guatemala City is a very dangerous place. Spending a night with the first responders, volunteer first responders by the way, was both eye opening, and awe inspiring.

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