School Contracts




Josh London Photography is a locally owned and operated Photography Studio based in Malden, MA since 2005. Having worked with such entities as Malden High School, Mystic Valley Regional Charter School, the Middlesex Sheriff's Office, and the City of Malden to name a few, we are a trusted and established name in the photography industry.


Our goal is to provide your school or organization with professional customer service, competitive rates, and exceptional photography that is consistent year over year. Whether it be student portraits, updated faculty headshots, football games or graduation event coverage.


Our Senior yearbook portraits are done in our studio and have a clean timeless look, these are photos that will be framed and hung on living room walls for years to come. We understand that every student is different and we pride ourselves on working with every individual to provide a comfortable and fulfilling portrait experience.


Some benefits to granting exclusive rights to Josh London Photography are:


  • You can rest assured that your yearbook portraits will have a consistent look and feel to them. This is a benefit to the staff putting together the yearbook, but this is also great news for the printer of the book as well, as they can be sure that all file types and color profiles match up for every photo. *This is not the case if students are allowed to choose whichever photographer they want.


  • Imagine that one of your students winds up being CEO of a fortune 500 company, or playing a sport professionally, or maybe even President of the United States? If any of these come true, then you can bet that somebody at some point will be looking for that students high school yearbook photo. Having a high quality and consistent portrait page of your yearbook will only reflect positively on your school or organization for years to come.


  • All questions and concerns regarding the photography can be directed to us! This is a good way to streamline the process for all school employees and officials.


  • All sitting fees and print/package pricing will be consistent though the life of the contract. This helps when parents are asking questions about the process and allows schools officials to be able to answer questions accurately and with confidence, or direct them straight to us of course.