Josh London Photography | Eva & Ryan - Willowdale Estate - Topsfield, MA

Eva & Ryan - Willowdale Estate - Topsfield, MA

March 29, 2017  •  2 Comments

Eva & Ryan ... What can I say about this wedding.. I wish you were there to see it!!

From the father of the bride and the groom catching fish behind the venue, the groom finding a geocache (google it if you're not familiar), to ending the night with a dragonfly gracefully perched upon the brides hand.. Chills and goosebumps for everybody. 


Maybe you're familiar with the meaning of dragonflies, maybe you're not, but I want you to look at the photos first, at the end I will link to an article that Eva wrote that will help you to understand why this wedding was so incredible to be a part of... I can guarantee goosebumps if you read the whole thing.


If Eva & Ryan look familiar, its because you've seen them before! Check out their engagement shoot from a while back .. 


Enjoy! :) 





Take a moment to read what Eva wrote  HERE


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These sound amazing wedding ! I have a soft spot in my heart for this style of wedding. Thank you for this pleasant share!!
Gina Lecouras(non-registered)
Josh, you did an amazing job capturing the beauty of my baby sister's wedding. This wedding was truly memorable and you were there to catch every moment. Thank you!
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