Josh London Photography | Yosemite and San Francisco - Cali Blog 2 of 3

Yosemite and San Francisco - Cali Blog 2 of 3

March 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Part 2 of the Cali photo super-fragilistic blog. Yosemite is one of the most amazing places I have witnessed with my own eyes, It's pretty extraordinary. Yosemite is only about 5 hours from LA, a nice drive that is just as breathtaking as the park itself. It was Presidents day weekend so our $10 (maybe $20?)  fee to drive into the park was waived. #winning. We spent 2 days there and we were able to see a pleasing amount of nature, there is much much more park than what we did actually see though. This was a pretty big reason why I wanted to go to Cali in the first place. I really suggest you go here. book the trip...go! ... really, just do it, yolo. 

After Yosemite we drove 3 hours east to San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is cool, but there was another bridge there that doesn't get any attention at all, I feel bad for that bridge, it looked just as nice as the golden gate. There were some hills, Alcatraz is a lot closer to shore than I previously had thought, aaand uummmmm we did not have any Rice-A-Roni (the San Francisco treat). All in all I wasn't too impressed with San Fran, given, we didn't stay there too long. Honestly though, after seeing, New York, DC, LA, and of course the best city on the planet BOSTON, San Fran is just another city. It felt a lot like New Orleans mixed with Boston, which isn't too bad now that I think of it.  


any way... pics 


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