Josh London Photography | My Sisters small wedding

My Sisters small wedding

March 26, 2015  •  1 Comment

Not all love is created equal, in turn, not all weddings are equal either. This is not to say that some weddings are better than others, but a wedding is special, its custom, its your own little party to celebrate your love however you want to. On this day my sister Joy decided to celebrate in the most romantic way possible... just her, her two daughters, and her fiance at a quaint little hotel in the White Mountains. Its not easy to handle my nieces as they try to get into their dresses and get their hair done, but with the help of her now husband Jeremy, Joy managed to pull it off. The best thing about being the brides brother is the fact the I could shoot in a SuperMan T-shirt! ... I did put a nice shirt on for the ceremony, I do have SOME class after all. 




K DELLOIACONO(non-registered)
Very beautiful pictures Josh,wishing them all the happiness in the world.
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